Dot Net Web Based Professional And Project Based Video Tutorials With Urdu Voice - in Karachi, Pakistan

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DOTNET Web Course Outline (100% Job Oriented Course & Video Tutorials) 1. Introduction to OOP 2. List Control 3. For Loop 4. Calculator 5. Calculator by using OOP (Method overloading, Constructor OVERLOADING) 6. Array and For each Loop (Form Array) 7. Simple and Complex Search 8. Form View and Grid View Data Insertion (TEMPLATE FIELD) 9. Detail Search by using Query String (TEMPLATE FIELD) 10. Detail Search by using URL Mapping 11. Image Showing on Grid and Form 12. Ajax Control Toolkit and world Toolkit 13. Update Panel for Country City 14. Update Panel for Ad rotator 15. Country Insert, Update, Delete by using TEXT 16. Country Insert, Update, Delete by using STORED PROC 17. Country Insert, Update, Delete by using CLASS 18. Implement Template (JOB PORTAL , E-COMMERCE) 19. Registration Page 20. Captcha Designing 21. Email Sending 22. Login 23. Login with Cookies 24. SITE MAP AND DYNAMIC MENU 25. Update Profile 26. Change Password 27. Shopping Card 28. Add Shopping Card 29. News Showing 30. File Uploading and Downloading 31. Database Image Saving 32. Database Image Retrieving 33. Text File Data Reading 34. Data Form Wizard using User Control Button Palette (JOB PORTAL) 35. Detail Menu With Data Set 36. Tree with dataset 37. Encryption and decryption 38. URL TEMPERING 39. WEB SERVICES 40. GLOBALIZATION 41. SERVER CONTROL 42. XML DOM (ADD XML AND GENERATE XML)